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Perl Version Edit

PAR requires at least perl 5.6.0, preferably 5.6.1

A preliminary compatibility list between PAR binaries and Win32 Perl releases can be found here.

CPAN Modules Edit

Typically PAR requires some CPAN modules. They automatically get installed using the CPANPLUS/CPAN shell if you are lucky. Currently the mandatory modules are (taken from the Makefile.PL):

Note: This list might be too old. It was current with release 0.87.

  • File::Temp
  • Compress::Zlib (1.3)
  • Archive::Zip (1.00)
  • Module::ScanDeps (0.32)
  • PAR::Dist (0.05)

For the optional 'Digital signature support' following modules are required:

  • Digest::SHA1
  • Module::Signature (0.35)
  • "PGP" incarnation as
    • Crypt::OpenPGP or
    • gpg

You can find the most up-to-date list of prerequisites on the page for PAR.

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